Shipping & Returns :

By clicking on the product you can enter the product page and you can see when the product will reach your home or after clicking on the shopping cart while you have completed the purchase you can see the arrival date of all the products that you have chosen.

We offer shipping to all European countries

All prices include VAT and customs duties

Our shipping fee

Within the Netherlands 6,59 € and it becomes free from 39 €

We have express shipping within the Netherlands. Order today at 7.99 in your home

Within Germany Shipping The shipping cost is 6.59 €, starting from 29 €

The shipping cost to these countries is € 9.99… It becomes free starting from € 49

Belgium- Belgium

Luxembourg – Luxembourg

Czech Republic – Czech Republic

Finnland – Finland

France – France

Great Britain – Great Britain

Italy – Italy

Monaco – Monaco

Austria – Austria

Sweden – Sweden

Poland – Poland

Spain – Spain

Hungary – Hungary

Shipping cost to these countries is 15 €

Bulgaria – Bulgaria

Estonia – Estonia

Slovenia – Slovenia

Slovakia – Slovakia

Croatia – Croatia

Latvia – Latvia

Lithuania – Lithuania

Romania – Romania

Greece – Greece

Ireland – Ireland

Portugal – Portugal

The shipping cost for these countries is € 40

Switzerland – Switzerland

Andorra – Andorra

Guernsey – Guernsey

Jersey – Jersey

Lichtenstein – Liechtenstein

San Marino – San Marino

As for the rest of the countries from 1-10 working days, information